Sup Fam

Ya'll have no idea how lit I am to have stumpled upon Neocities. I use to have a bunch of terrible Geocities websites way back in the day (early 2000's). Since then I've become a professional web dev, but I miss the awful aesthetic of old school websites. This little space will be constantly changing, as it will be a nice break for me to screw around with on my lunch breaks from building pro-status sites.

Prolly gonna throw up a guestbook and a bunch of legit af anime gifs pretty soon. In the mean time, enjoy this morderate seizure inducing ice cream background.

1337 4 1if3 ya11

-Lady A

UPDATE: 5-16-2019

hihihihihihihi! I haven't forgotten about the site! I just upgraded to a supporter and I am working on some other sites that will be a nice little ode to my past. They will be a series of anime fansites. I can't wait!

In the meantime, check out Sailor effing Mars. This page is not done. But whatever! IT'S NEOCITIES HEAUX!